A couple com feature requests that aren't gameplay related


A few things that would be nice:

  1. an option for certain in-game threads to email you every time there’s a response. Right now it only emails the recipients on the first post. I’m not saying I want to receiver every message as an email, but sometimes there are critical things that are time sensitive, so it would be good to have like a checkbox on a thread so you can decide if that thread is important to receive responses immediately. Or even maybe check boxes to pick which players you want to get responses from immediately.
  2. The same little red (1) and (2) count icons on the “My Games” page. So that you can quickly see which game has messages.

Maybe this would have to be a premium feature? Assuming that you have more expenses the more email you are sending.


These are both on my list to do as soon as I get back to NP full time!