A few new features

You can now see the production time of indie cities and when your allies combats will take place.

Also, squared power melee combat saves is now live!



Nice change…whole new play styles and rebalancing needed…initial reaction is that this will benefit players more since they can now take down zombie stacks sequentially,

This has already altered how I play - I’m not holding back with hydras as much as they don’t have such a risk of being killed in small battles (I personally feel thats an improvement)

Its also making me more scared of the 6k stack I have marching around on one map (personally also think thats an improvement)

Even if might squared turns out to be the wrong formula I’m liking the impact so far its having on how I have to think and play. I think it will make the game easier to the player, but would prefer ease here and difficulty elsewhere.

Really want to try this out – need to start a new game soon.

My zombies are too smart…I had incoming a stack of 2k in front and 3k behind then, I was counting on my 5k stack to defeat them in detail…but then the front zombie stack stopped and they merged!

Nice programming!

This has always been the case. If zombies reach a vertex and notice that there is another zombie group coming up behind them they will pause and wait for the other group to catch up.