A game suggestion

Firstly, I don’t know if I got this in the right category or if this is allowed, and if it isn’t, I hope someone doesn’t hesitate to tell me.

Anyway, the thing is, I don’t have premium, and therefore I can’t make a custom game myself.
So what I want to do is ask if anyone would consider making a game with some or all of the following crazy rules because I’m really interested to know how it will work out.(You might want to skip the rules then come back to read them last)

  1. 50% of all stars for victory. 60% just would take too long I think
  2. At least 12 players and preferably extra anonimity
  3. Formal alliances on. This should be important.
  4. Warp gates cheap, random gates common.
  5. Dark galaxy on. Important.
  6. Resources plentiful and production ticks at a minimum of 16. Really important. (All other ‘galaxy settings’ should be default.
  7. Starting stars 10 and cash 1500 preferably, but feel free to change it if you wish.
  8. Starting ships should be 10 i think.
  9. Starting E-I-S at 0-20-0 should be interesting.
  10. VERY important that econ should be CHEAP industry EXPENSIVE and science STANDARD (or maybe cheap science. I’m not sure)
  11. Trades very expensive. This game should be full of money so this should be fair.
  12. Scanning should start at 3, terra at 2, range at 2, others default at 1
  13. Terra should be OFF, banking should be CHEAP, manu CRAZY EXPENSIVE and scanning EXPENSIVE. exp should also be CHEAP
  14. It should be real time, with either normal or double speed.

Ok, so why I think this should be an awesome game is because it will be really low on ships yet high in money, and with expensive scanning and a dark galaxy, I think people will need to make plenty of alliances to give them a good view of the galaxy.
I’m not a fan of backstabbing at all, but I think in this game it should be promoted, thus the extra anonymity (also I think it will make the game a little crazier, not knowing who the best ally would be)
Like I said, scarce ships, so attackers should be cautious and attack in groups. Groups which are bound to break and change.

If anyone else thinks this would be fun, I hope you make it, and if it’s already made, I hope you join.
P.S. @anyone who makes the game, feel free to call it what you want, just post it here.

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Email me with your account details and I will give you some premium you can start the game.

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Interesting concept … maybe lock weapons also.

Turn trade-scan ONLY on and then you really force alliances (formal and informal) since in order to fully share tech, you have to do a “bucket brigade”

Why real-time instead of turn-based?

Oh yeah, also, with terra off…
The whole ‘degradation’ of star value that someone posted recently should be totally reversed.

Well, for one, I think turn based may take longer, and this game looks like it will take a long time anyway. I don’t want it to be too long.

Secondly, I suck at turn-based games :slight_smile:

And if you think scanned trade on is a good idea, I’ll do that.

@JayKyburz I will, thanks Jay!

A game using these setting exists.

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You made it, I assume?

Hey, thanks (to whoever made it)!

Hope it starts soon.

Looks good, I joined :slight_smile:

Great, thanks!

This game has started with 6 neutral positions, all offering alliances to all actual players. Accept or do not as you please. They have spent their entire incomes on economy, 38 points each, and will go AFK asap. As allies players can traverse their space, per the new alliance rules. May the best man win.

i can not revalidate my email address…how do i get the validation email resent…thanks

Hey @garry on the account page, there should be a button to do this.

Otherwise if you use the change email button you will also be sent a new email validation.

Let me know how you go. You can email me directly of you need more help.