A little help?

I’m the last human player in-game and I hold 39/83 stars needed to win
Now, in other threads I’ve read that if everyone else quits a “claim victory” button becomes available, but this hasn’t appeared and I have one suspicion: ONE empire, instead of conceding, has instead gone afk.
Is there anything I can do to claim victory, or will I just have to fight against 7 cooperating AIs for those last 44 stars…?

For you to be able to claim victory you have to be the last player left and hold the most stars. So I assume one of the quit players has more stars than you. So you don’t need to get all the stars needed for victory, just have more than anyone else.

It’s likely the empire that has quit has more stars than you. In order for the claim victory button to appear you need to have more stars than all other players including the ones that went AFK and aren’t on the leaderboard.

Alright thank you :slight_smile: