A player can't join my custom game

I am creating a custom galaxy game for 20 players, and I wanted to let friends and family join in before I announced in on the forums for general public. However, one of the players attempted to join and received this in response:

I’m the admin. He had not joined yet, and he was not kicked out. He was in a previous game, but not this knew one.

Now I know it’s related to another issue I had before, where I player wanted to take that player’s alias from the previous game but wouldn’t let him because this first player had supposedly already joined… an entire week before he actually did.

Any help for a solution is greatly appreciated!

Perhaps you can email me the games number (in the url) and I will clear the list of players that had already joined the game. -jay@ironhelmet.com

Sent! Hopefully the others don’t have to rejoin. Thank you sir!