A production question from total newbie

I have an enemy fleet approaching with its waypoint is my planet. I have enough time and money to build some industry and create some ships on the planet to defend?

However, game help says " Note: Ships are built at the end of the next full hour on the production clock and after combat takes place."

What does “After combat take place” mean? Means nothing will be built until they take over my planet, even if i build infrastructure?

Also, if there is only one ship left after battle, it will always survive with carrier, correct?

Please advise, star commanders.

This means that for the imminent battle, only the ships produced until the tick before the battle will be considered.

Example: The enemy arrives in 8 ticks. You build one Industry at the star (previously 0). If the ship production rate is 0.25, 7*0.25=1.75, meaning 1 ship will be produced for you before combat. If you win the battle, another ship will be produced for you after combat concludes immediately in Tick 8, but if you lose the star, the ship will be produced for the new owner.

Fantastic, thank you!