A Survey Investigating Gender and Its Effect on Gameplay


Greetings, I’m enacting a survey in avatar gender and its interaction with the player. If you’re interested, a link to the survey is provided below. If you’re an adult male, I’d like to hear what you have to say about playing as a female avatar, whether you have done so before or not.

Participation is entirely voluntary, and you may withdraw at any time with no consequences. No harm is expected to result from participation, but some may feel uncomfortable answering the questions presented. Possible benefits include increased insight into narrative choices while playing games. All responses will be treated with confidentiality, and no identifying data will be collected. Participation may take approximately 5-10 minutes. Participation indicates that you acknowledge that you have read this information, and that you are an adult male (18 or older) who wants to participate in this research. Additionally included at the end of the survey is a link to a companion survey in which you may provide an email address for member checking purposes. If you would like to participate in member checking, please follow the link and complete the 1-question survey.

By clicking the provided link, I acknowledge that I have read the above informed consent and I completely understand the consequences and benefits of participation.
Link to survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/8VFZ2ZV
Should you have any questions or concerns about this research, its conduct, research participants’ rights, and/or in the event of a research-related injury, please contact:

John Webb, M.S.

Ruoxi Chen, Ph.D. Principle Investigator
Phone: 318-342-5518

Gregory W. Smith, Pharm D. Chair, IRB
Phone: 318-342-1711


Intriguing. I play female avatars in elder scrolls games a lot. Checked out the survey and it’s worth filling out.