A very rare player report: Eurochamp & NikSweden & Co


Most premium games I’f started took forever to fill. But it’s a mute point by now. The community in the 64 player games has grown increasingly impossible to play with in a positive way. Grudges are held, fewer and fewer reasonable players are found. And there is a growing clique that seem obsessed with fighting in perma-alliances even when there is no benefit to it but protracted conflict. That’s fine and all, but they seem to expect betrayal of any kind, past and presently contemplated, are against the rules.

I don’t know. I guess it’s just me. My reputation has somehow been ruined because of politics in past games and my tendency to dominate whenever I have good allies, and those who I have betrayed see fit to ostracize me without end, despite having made it up to them in successive games. And then there are the bad apples who eschew diplomacy for bullying tactics and trade embargos of the worst kind.

With Jay vanished into the netherspace, the old NP avatars nothing but a pipe dream long gone, a shriveling and souring community, and the demand for players to be perfect in their dealings, rather than duplicitous… I’m done. I don’t think I’ll be playing in the near future. Maybe I will set up a premium only game, but that won’t be any time soon unless the urge strangely strikes. I doubt that will happen.

Enough of me bawling. I’m outta here.


it’s happening in a game I’m playing in now. Homeland https://np.ironhelmet.com/game/6272653448183808

Thief of the Night gave all of his stars to RedDwarf while sending all of his ships at everyone around him. from what it sounds like there should be more accomplices in this game as they travel in more than twos…


There used to be a feature on NP1 that showed if 2 or more players shared an IP address. It helped in finding out if folks were playing with ghost accounts. And yes, there were legitimate reasons why players may share IPAs but it was also within reason for others to ask why. Usually it was roommates or families playing. Maybe adding this feature back into NP2?


@Smulm sorry to hear that. My experience is the opposite. It feels like there’s an enthusiastic community building. Your tourney was a good example.
I don’t play 64 player games, not my thing… maybe that community is the one going bad.


Sorry Smulm, I got very busy on a new project and family commitments. I’ve just not had the time to sit down and give NP the time it deserves lately.

(I’m working on a FPS with 5-6 other very experienced devs from the old Bioshock days)


wb then. hope all is well. also please don’t give Smulm the old avatars, I always look forward to his posts requesting them. :smiley: :joy:


You would have me shed tears of blood for your entertainment? I may have to send you the private message delivered almost a year or so ago to Chris. It was based on Blight, and involved beating an undead horse with a whip while chanting for the hallowed NP1 avatars.

Beware, Golden_Ace. My covetous need knows no bounds. Gold does not net my Greed, and your phasers would falter in horror before the brimstone might of the toiletbrush accountant race!


I log in once every few days to stay up to date with any developments, and I always seem to come across the same thing: Long time players noting how communities are going bad and/or are ruining the game. As someone who is relatively new to the game, I dont understand 2 things.

Firstly there are many communities, the standard 8 player ones, the turn based ones, the 64 player ones, the premium only players, and the custom game players. I wouldn’t say any are bad each have their own developing ‘culture’ based on a collective attitude built up from trends in the games played. Do you not have your own playing style that one may consider boring/unethical/harsh etc?

And secondly, if you wish to play in the 64 player games doesn’t a different alias make up for any bad reputation? Do people recognise you from your badges?


Recognition is rather easy through badge, victory and rank stats combined.