Ability to calculate time travel

I think It will be good to have a way to calculate time travel between stars without having to buy a carrier for that.

It’s already there - click on top left corner dropdown, then on second row of icons, the one on the far left.

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Great! Thank you!

keyboard shortcut is “V” as well.


Spot on! I’m obviously totally wrong about preferring mouse over keyboard.

Mind you, I now need to remember that “v” pops up the time/distance calculator and not something else (or nothing)?

Keyboard shortcuts are only useful if your brain still works (and mine,sadly, would struggle to remember them).

Jay seemed to focus the keyboard shortcuts w/ a “right hand on mouse, left hand on keys” mentality. Not all, but most of the shortcuts are left handed.

I ended up just going through the alphabet and noting the ones that did something. :slight_smile:

I just tried to pick a shortcut that started with the same letter as the action.

By the way, is there any way to do this on mobile? Been bugging me for a while.

on the menu there is a little button under the zoom functions

Keyboard shortcuts are great, because if you don’t remember it you aren’t using it often enough to benefit from it anyway.

Not really true. Most of the time I wish I could remember the hotkey. The hotkeys I do remember I use a lot, the hotkeys I don’t remember I never use… because I can’t be bothered trying to find out what the hotkey is by randomly mashing the keyboard.

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The idea is if you wish you could remember it you’ll look it up and if you are using it often enough to benefit from it most people will remember the hot key and not have to look it up again. If they aren’t using it often enough to benefit from it they’ll forget and either just find the option with a mouse or look the shortcut up again.

I mean really you just assume the reason you don’t use the other hotkeys is because you don’t remember them, but it might just be you don’t remember them because you don’t use them. I choose to look at it one way and you choose to look at it the other.

*side note:
This is why I really support and enjoy dynamically assignable hotkeys in the programs that I use that have the feature. If I didn’t already know that a key was assigned to something I wasn’t using the key often enough anyway and If I later need the feature it used to be assigned to I can give it a new key.

I find it’s not just the travel time to the destination I care about, but almost as often I’m very concerned about the time to my opponent’s scan bubble. This can be particularly hard to figure out when coming in at an oblique angle to the nearest opponent’s star.

It would be really nice to have an eta pop up next to the point where the carrier jump will enter an opponent’s scan range, and to have that ETA show up as well when using the ruler.