Accelerated game start


A turn-based game at work is winding down, with two of us pretty much tied for first and another distant third.

We agree that now that the fight has come down to the two of us, the strategizing and trickery of the final battle is one of the most fun parts of the whole game. The other player suggested it would be nice to be able to create a game that would skip a lot of the build-up and get down to this stage sooner.

We took a look at the game creation options, and it seems the only things preventing this is that you can’t have a player start with more than ten stars, and you can’t start with starting infrastructure on all stars.

It seems to me, that were you to allow an option to have players start with a much higher proportion of the “stars per player” option (if not all of them), and start with much more cash (so they could invest in infrastructure as they prefer on their first turn), that would give an interesting game variation.

Does anyone else (especially Jay :slight_smile: like this idea?