Add a lock to Galaxy list to prevent changes on "Locked" stars


When I do mass upgrades, I open up the Galaxy menu and just spam click on the category I want, waiting until a star I don’t want to upgrade shows up and then skipping it and continuing.

Here’s an image of what I kind of mean.

Basically when you “Lock” a star, you prevent the ability from purchasing any upgrades on those stars, anytime you click on the upgrade on those stars it does nothing and a small message pops up or something.

A filter at the top as well to help with this would be to toggle being able to see and not see locked stars, so you can mass click again.


This would be amazing! I spend a lot of time trying to avoid certain stars and in the larger games, I give up, choosing my time over appropriate allocation of funds.

I would love this feature to both ensure greater competition and give me back some time in my day (for more games of course).


I’d love something like that too !


Try this, read this thread.



Hey Kuma, I like this idea.

You could do it like a selection set . You could toggle it on and off and could have a select all and select none.