Add additional summary info for turn

As my goblin pirate empires grow in games, the back and forth battles for settlements and ships can become daunting to keep track of, especially when something unexpected happens. It would be nice if there was something like the Events list, but something that was either specific to the player, or could be filtered to a particular player. The information I would be interested in seeing is:

  • List of each settlement lost, and to whom, with a clickable link to go directly to that settlement.
  • List of each settlement captured, from whom, with the same link.
  • Similar lists for ships.

The specific example that really solidified the need for this in my mind came CP’s Test Game on Lakes of Haste. I lost a bunch of ships/settlements when IHG accidentally went AFK. I can’t watch the replay fully because the timeout kicks in, and with ~100 ships & settlements each it’s practically impossible to review each one. But I do want to be able to review each settlement that I lost so I can see how that’s going to impact my economy and what I have to make up for elsewhere.


Yes, the event list is basically useless in a game this scale. I think our game is a little too big. BBB might need some special features and clean up to really work when you have such a big empire to manage.

I also knotcied for example you can’t scroll the selection meny, so where there is a stack of 20 fishing ships in one hex, you cant select the ones that are off screen.

Sorry for going AFK! I will play my turn now.

I saw that it was on the edge of being unreadable with a 17-stack fishing fleet. I hadn’t gotten to 20+ yet.

I didn’t mind the AFK - it happens, I just wanted to use it to illustrate what I was trying to do with remembering what settlements I lost and what resources I needed to make up. The fact that you and I made it so far is really cool.