Add "all color" toggle to Intel Charts

On the Intel charts, can we have a toggle for each color?

I.e. Jay added the All/None toggle a while ago which is really useful. But in the mish-mash of lines (I’m in a 32-user game), I might see something I want more detail on … so I have to find out which player it is … which requires hitting None, then toggling each color. Or I may want to mask out a certain color.

What would be quicker/easier, is a toggle that basically shows all/none of a specific color.

I think the UI would be very simple/intuitive - but a small all/none button below the column of each colors that provides the functionality described above.

Thanks in advance for considering! :wink:

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And why not an icon to turn off/on all the same shape at the same time, too. I feel like that would be majorly awesome.

I initially thought that too … but if you are just looking at the chart lines, you don’t know which one corresponds to which shapes … whereas you do have color information on the lines and can toggle that way.

The main thing I want in the intel charts is the option to turn off the AI players from showing. Also I do not think someone with 0 stars should be listed on the intel. If they are then it should be an optional setting. Something like ‘Show AI Players’ or ‘Show Only Players With Stars’ so I can filter the intel to only show the current players playing. The color option would be nice but I don’t think I would use it much. It wouldn’t hurt anything to add the color filter option to the game if other people want it.