Add delay in star UI clickability to prevent accidental infrastructure upgrades

Despite knowing that this mistake can happen and trying to be careful with my clicks, every day or two I accidentally buy an infrastructure upgrade after opening up the star management interface with two clicks.

When this happens, the star management UI pops up after the second click so that an upgrade button (sometimes science or even a warp gate) is right where the cursor is. I don’t know if I have an uncontrollable trigger finger or it is a lag in the system that is processing input, but 1 time out of 10 there will be another ‘click’ in the input queue leading to an unintentional purchase.

Because my smartphone screen is smaller, the star management UI is even more likely to appear in a place where the cursor is in danger of leading to an untentional purchase like this. In other words, I’ve made this mistake on more than one hardware and browser platform.

I propose a 1-2 second delay between the appearance of the star management interface when the buttons become active. That would seem to completely avoid this issue happening without any changes to the menu or input system.

edit: changed “double-click” to “second click” based on @suffusion’s comment.


A small delay would be nice here, but note a double-click isn’t needed to open a star’s management interface. Rather, a single click opens it if the star is currently selected.

I suspect 1 time out of 10 you already have the star selected, and when you double-click, there is your extra click. Seems like an easy mistake to make though, so a (small) delay could help … 1 second would probably be enough.

You are right that a better term would be “second click,” which is what I will use from here on in describing the issue.

I try to be slow and deliberate with both the first and second click to try to avoid this, and I am pretty sure that I have not been making the error you describe, but that may still be it. This is why I prefer a game like Neptune’s Pride over most others – I just don’t have the hand-eye coordination gaming often requires.

I haven’t run into this issue on my computer that I can remember, but far too often it happens on my phone. Part of the problem is also that sometimes the phone doesn’t register you tapping the star to open the star window, so you end up clicking at the star multiple times trying to tap in just the right spot for the phone to register it, and then you end up still clicking after the window is open by accident and buy something accidentally.

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I will have a crack at improving this before I do anything else. I think we’ll try just a tiny half second delay to see if this improves the issue, or perhaps even moving to buttons somewhere??

I’m crazy busy with some other work at the moment but should be able to have a look next week some time.

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Moving the buttons might be a good way to go. I have this problem on my phone sometimes, and I have to click a few times on a star to get the star screen to load and then the accidental click builds something.

Usually I’m clicking on a star when it’s roughly in the middle of the screen, so if the buttons were located at the top or bottom if the screen then it would be far less likely to cause a problem.

Hey, I believe that there is few sec lag, before the data gets send to the server, so if you manage to force reload the browser, it won’t send the request. You can see when the data is sent by watching the Credit: .. Production: .. header as it changes to Loading when it communicates with the server.

I used to have an event that will fire off any outstanding orders before the pages is reloaded.