It would be nice to be able to add a DESTROY GATE action to a flyby.

use case: I’m warping from my gate to an enemy gated star1. I see en route that they have a HUGE army inbound from another gated star. It is also midnight my time. So i say ‘okay, Hit star1 and immediately jump to the close by neighbor enemy star2 to take that one before enemy hits me and retakes the soon to be snagged star1.’ IT WOULD BE AMAZING if i could say, ‘okay hit star1 but as I also leave (as the new owner) to take star2, go ahead and destroy the warp gate’… this example could have been given with a simpler, hit and stay + destroy gate but that’s not what i want to do.

Thoughts on how to do this:

  1. add it as an action in the dropdown: Issues this causes is how do i also then pick up x or some other critical action i need to automate …
  2. second thought, a checkbox next to or before drop down in same list: This might cause some spacing issues but maybe not.

Any other thoughts on clean UI integrations for something like this?


I’d kind of like the ability to create one as well (assuming you have money when you get there). This would be handy in turn-based games.


Thanks for the suggestion. I will make a note on the trello board!

Necro Bump,

it’s been 6 years, how’s that Trello board?