Add Ledger to Triton

Hey @JayKuburz! I’m excited about the upgrades to Triton/Proteus that are being discussed in the other thread, but from what I’ve gathered those are still a few years off. I was wondering what it would take to get the ledger implemented in Triton (exactly the same as it works in Proteus). This is an immensely helpful feature and I know people love using it. It would also be a great way to tide us over until the bigger updates come down the road.

If you came up with an estimate cost, I’d recommend setting up a GoFundMe and posting it here. If we know the donations are specifically going towards implementing a ledger, then I have no doubt we’d be able to reach the goal quickly. It’s a good way to tap the market of lifetime premium players like myself who love the game but aren’t providing much revenue (Sure we do buy badges, but that’s not a ton of cash I’d imagine). I think I can speak for a lot of the vets in that we’d love to invest in NP2 and support further development, but there aren’t many options to do so other than buying badges.

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Hey Hero, I would rather just hurry up on the next iteration. If things stall then I will circle back around and add the ledger. I have actually started writing code so hopefully not “years”. This next iteration will be much closer to Triton than Proteus.


That’s great to hear!! I’m looking forward to seeing it!

Sounds cool! Updates freshen things up