Additional Premium features

There have been some comments in other threads about misc. features that would be premium only … so I thought it would be helpful to consolidate here.

I’m thinking Jay should add more differentiation between premium and free … not to give the former players an advantage per se, but to “encourage” people to pony up the “big bucks” to show their support in appreciation for Jay’s work.

Right now, premium-only players various benefits as outlined here.

Jay has talked about adding additional notification for premium players.

Another nifty feature (if easily implemented) would be if premium players could somehow “request” a certain color/shape in a game.

And how about making Qwerty’s awesome scripts part of the game for premium players?

Any other cool ideas that would NOT be unfair to people trying out the game, but reward those people who ante up for premium?


Suggested elsewhere: allow premium players to join a running game replacing an inactive player.


Right - upgrades should not be so you can win or win easier, they should be feature related for more immersive options/gameplay/etc. So far NP has done it right, I love the ideas going around.

I know we have discussed stats before. Premium players could have access to stats like win/loss ratio, games played, games afk’ed, longest game played, shortest time to KO, etc.