AFK solution

If an empire quits or goes AFK prior to losing any star, all stars go to 0 natural resources. If an empire quits after losing a star, all stars remain the same. This scorches the earth for AFK players and prevents an early advantage to players surrounded by AFK early. Still worth capturing especially as terraforming rises late game but tempers the advantage without allowing losing empires to burn their fields so to speak.

  1. Build carriers on all stars.
  2. Set them flying to your other stars.
  3. Abandon all stars.
  4. Quit game.

    *) Profit.

PS: It took me 3 minutes to write this post. It is not to show that your idea is bad, just any idea isn’t flawless. There are smarter people than me who can probably find holes in any solutions.

PPS: It’s probably a better idea to ask why people are quitting and solve that problem. There are several different reasons for quitting. One of the reasons in 64player games is from multis, people make 4 accounts and transfer all the money to a single empire. This solution actually makes this type of quiting worse because it removes the resources given to the enemies of the multis.

I think leenathanael was trying to provide a viable solution to the bonus people get from AFK players. It wasn’t meant to stop people that quit the game, nor help the adjacent player.

Jay just introduced some changes to the AI. Hopefully he is able to continue working on it and can make it more aggressive so that it doesn’t dramatically impact the game when someone does AFK.

The Quit Survey is a good idea for people that are Conceding, but does nothing for the AFK players. Unless Jay has it automatically email a player that goes AFK and asks for feedback, they would never see a survey as they stopped playing that game.

Yeah, I’ve found in 64p games that once a player becomes dominant a lot of players go AFK or quit prior to any combat. No amount of tactical prowess can defeat real people at the rate one can defeat AFK. With the win condition at 25% you could never fight the player at the other side of the board. Plus, with +300 stars each the player who accelerates through AFK wins.

I’m not really sure why anyone would do what Anna described in the first post.