AFK Tech Trading


Since the AI players started trading tech between each other and cooperating with their research I get the impression that they could be becoming too powerful.

I have created this thread to discuss this…

Are the AI players now becoming too powerful?
Does their tech trading/cooperation need toning down?


Once they start to act aggressively attacking their neighbours, it would start to worry me… a lot.


I don’t think its an issue at the moment. We had 6 AI’s in a team game and they were quite quickly out paced in research even with 6 of them working together.

However when they start being aggressive as well it will be a bit different!


It makes them a pain to kill off, but that’s sort of the point. I doubt that Jay will leave the uninhibited trading in place when aggressive AI is eventually enabled; that seems like it would be disastrous (and seems like it might actually encourage AFKs, e.g. by players who get stabbed and realize that an easy way to get revenge is to AFK and watch their empire, buffed by the combined AI techs, rip their betrayer apart).