AI Behaviour


It’s been quite a while since I last played and I find myself unsure on how the AI currently behaves.

Last time I played they literally did nothing except research tech and build infrastructure.
I read that they now sometimes trade tech and sometimes attack who they perceive to be enemies?

Can someone clarify a few things:

  • Under what situations they trade tech with players vs other ai
  • In what situations they attack/determine who to attack? (ie unoccupied stars vs random neighbour vs person currently attacking them etc)
    -Do they move their fleets between worlds for defense?


If there is someone with more accurate data, please feel free to jump in, but here are my observations:

  1. There is 80% chance the AI will send you tech back if you first send any tech to them. They may return even considerably higher tech than the one you sent to them. Please note that they need to have the cash to complete the trade so trying it has better chances to work right after production.

  2. I have never seen the AI to really attack. Only way they “attack” is if AI has sent a fleet to some star and you capture it while they are still on route to that target.

  3. AI’s have been balanced to protect their home stars a bit more than before, but I have not seen them send any defense for incoming attacks. Seems to me that they are trying to distribute their defenses quite evenly around except for the home star (having more defense). So even if the defense distribution is better the AI’s still seem totally unaware of incoming fleets.


Thanks for the clarification.


The only time I have sent a tech to an AI straight after production and they had a tech to send me but failed to do so is when I have previously attacked that AI.

Otherwise my trading with AI success rate is 100 % ( assuming trade occurs in the tick immediately after production).


I’ve seen them both counterattack and move forces to intercept.

If you take one of their stars, and they have ships nearby, they will often attack that star once. Although today an ai counterattacked me twice from two different stars.

If you send ships toward one of their stars sometimes they will move ships from another star to that star. I don’t know if this is intentional defense, or just coincidence. They move ships around often.

I’d like to see them start attacking neighbors though. right now being next to an AFK is just such a huge bonus most of the time