AI bug- impossible jump?

I’m in a game right now where I have an AI carrier jumping between two stars that are 9.338ly apart. The AI is only jump level 5, max of 7ly range. No player in the game has level 6 or 7. The star hasn’t changed hands or anything. I measured and confirmed the carrier is exactly 7.000ly along its path with 2.338 to go. There’s no other star in between. It’s a 100% impossible jump. Is this a thing others have seen before?

This bug has been known about for a while. Did a quick forum search, possibly the first known instance of it is this? AI jumps too far

OK, I’m content with knowing that I haven’t slipped into insanity. If the AI wants to make ridiculous jumps, fine.

it doesn’t happen that often but it does happen. you just have to remember the AI cheats.

I would too, if I could. :wink:

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