AI Bug?


Hey guys, Molotov/HiveMind/JiAnG Here.

As I was playing in one of the best matches I have been in, Beta Al Nair, I noticed that after this kid who an ally and myself were dealing with, his crappy offensive tactics, eventually quit.

But after, now as an AI, he seems to happens to be doing the same sort of thing?

Maybe this is some amazing tactic I don’t know about, or it is trying to be a smokescreen while the AI gets his shit together, I don’t rightly know.

But here is a snapshot.
another if it messes up

Give me a holler if you have encountered this before.
I do not see the point of the 2 carriers kamikazi’ing into my outer wall, but hey! Could be some grand-master strategy.
I am relatively new, so I am not certain :stuck_out_tongue:
JiAnG out. o7

Another carrier has launched from their planets, a sole carrier with one ship.
Thinking it is a bug.


Did you just capture that star from Orange? If so maybe he was sending those carriers to collect ships? If not, then it’s very silly behavior.


Awhile back. I wouldn’t think it would have been that soon though.
Doesn’t make too much sense, but maybe it was a delayed collect carr thing?


Looks to me like a bug. I will have a look at it as soon as I can. I really want to get back and improve NP soon!