AI cheats


This link clearly shows the AI jumps to a planet that is beyond his scanning range. His scanning range is the same as mine, and I can’t see his planet, so he shouldn’t be able to see mine.


What determines jump distance is hyperspace range not scanning range.

( In your image the AI has HR2 whereas you have HR1. )


No, he shouldn’t be able to jump to a system he can’t see.


Gwim is correct. Hyper is separate from scan. If you click on the star that the AI launched from you’ll see 2 rings. In your case, the outer ring is hyper range and inner dotted ring is scan. The star he can’t see is undoubtedly within the outer hyper ring. but outside of scan. A helpful quick visual reference as opposed to just looking at the numbers. You can also use the ruler.


@Moribond , If you can not see the AI departure star, then it sounds like you are playing in a dark galaxy.

Sometime it could be possible for AI to scan your star “Yum” from a different star within Scan Range,
and then also fly a carrier from outside Scan Range but within Hyperspace Range to reach your star “Yum”.
So are there any other Yellow AI stars within Scan Range of “Yum” ?

In a bright galaxy, everyone can see every star location,
but in a dark galaxy, Scan Range is required to reveal star locations.

Scan Range ( the dotted ring ) will reveal infrastructure and ship counts in every galaxy.

Hyperspace Range ( the wavy ring ) is the flight limit of carriers from that star.

I only joined this game late last year. I am guessing that Jay may have written this AI code at an earlier time when dark galaxies might have not yet been invented ? There have been a lot of changes in the code.

In a dark galaxy, human players are only able to click on stars within Scan Range, and then select stars only within Hyperspace Range as a destination. It would be unfair if AI are able to fly to stars outside of their own Scan Range.


Sorry, I forgot to say we’re playing a dark galaxy indeed.
He doesn’t have any systems in scan range of my systems. As we have the same scanlvl, he shouldn’t be able to see any of my systems either. Suddenly one of his fleets shows up, heading towards my system.
I agree, that shouldn’t happen. It’s unfair, hence the title of my post. :wink:


@Moribond and I are playing the in the same dark galaxy.

Here is a screen shot of the originating star with the scanning and hyperspace rings visible.

As you can see the AI should not have been able to see the star, Yum. Without seeing the star it shouldn’t have been able to launch a carrier at it.


And Yellow AI is also not gaining scans from a Formal Alliance ?

Then Jay will want to fix the AI code.


yes, the AI also have no idea about a dark galaxy games yet, so looks like the AI had the jump range but not the scan rage.

Its on the todo list.


Thanks Jay!


As much as I like to give the AI any possible advantage, that should definitely be fixed!


Yes, its should be an easy fix, just 2 lines of code I think. I just need to find some time later this week!


I know it’s being fixed, but it’s still at it. I don’t know if I want to play against cheaters, AI or otherwise!


Have you tried to fix the bug yet?


Is this also a bug? In the following game, the AI jumped even beyond its hyperspace range:

Carrier “Tack IV” jumped 9.4ly from “Tack” to “Git”.
This would be possible with tech lvl7, AI only has lvl5 (see rings).