AI Colonisation Bug

Hi there, this one mainly goes out to the devs. I think there is a bug with the AI, that was briefly adressed in 2014, but apparently not fixed. in my game, im playing against 7 AI’s, and been doing so since after the first week or so. now, in cycle 39, there are still stars on the border of the map that i cant reach and the AI players refuse to sent ships to, even though they have been in hyperspace range for weeks, and in scanning range for some time too. I know how hard it is to write good AI’s, as they aren’t exactly realistic in any game, so this is not ment as criticism, I just wanted to bring it up. Am happy to provide screenshots on request.

Jay designed the AI to not capture unclaimed stars after a few cycles.

thx for the very quick response. I had read the first tread, but since they both are from 2014 i thought that there perhaps had been progress (as the quote suggests).

Well, AI does not go for stars in a certain range. They most certainly go for stars less than 10h away. At least they did 2 weeks ago. But above this certain range they do not claim empty stars