AI hijacking


In my recent custom game, there have been strange phenomenon.

Last turn, one of the players was declared AI. He could still interact as a player in the next turn, but chaos ensued.

This turn, I was declared AI, with my previous orders being ignored. I had not submitted my orders before the turn deadline elapsed.

Is it the case that if you don’t submit a turn before the deadline, you are AId for that turn regardless, or is this a bug?


For BBB we decided that if you miss just one turn you go AFK.

At the moment, the way the AI works is that it ignores any existing orders and plays the turn as it would normally do.

Very soon we will change it so that the AI will not change any of your ship orders in the first turn, and I would also prefer it not to spend any of your resources either.

It’s happened to me too.


Yes it does make it a little tricky when it takes all ur boats and turns them into villages!


Jay, I should have responded way before this.

Thanks for your reply, and even before I saw it, I realized what was up: AI takes over as soon as you miss a turn deadline, and does crazy stuff. It’s not like NP missed turn deadlines, which was why I was confused.

It makes sense, and I like it. Obviously, the alpha AI needs some improvement, but that’s already happening. In short I popped off with a bug report without background and way too early.

I really enjoy the richness and fun of this game. Thanks to you and Pea for developing and producing it.


Thanks @kringle. We did change it after your original feedback so that the AI will not take over straight away. Although you will be marked as AI (AFK), the AI will not change your existing orders or make any additional orders for the first turn you miss.


You guys rock.

I’m impressed with your dedication to incremental user/crowd-sourced changes. That’s a tough row to hoe.


Hmm… the AI took over and changed my orders on the first turn I was AFK. This doesn’t seem right, since you guys said that this was a problem you already fixed?

Thanks for listening to my feedback!


I’ll have a look into it. Thanks @will408914