AI jumps too far



Violet is an AI.
He just made a jump requiring Hyperspace lvl 3 but has only lvl 1


The AI has been known to cheat for quite some time. You can do a quick search on the G+ group for it. Several of us were in a dark game with fixed tech levels (Scanning 5, Range 16) and The AI had no issues jumping to fringe stars that no one else could see. Once the game was over, we measured the distance to those stars and they were well outside the scan range of any other star given the fixed scanning.


I fixed that stuff with AI using its range for its scanning ages ago. AI have never jumped more than their range before.

This must be a new bug with the AI changes from last week. I’ll have a look into it tomorrow.

Thanks for reporting @yoinamira!


In a game a long time ago (locked research, hyperspace set at 16, scanning lower) the AI was jumping to stars nobody could see. We affectionately call this “AI heaven.”