AI Moves

Hello all,
I’m a Covid-related newb, therefore I would like to ask you if there is some predictability in AI playstyle.
I find myself playing near to an AI empire so it would be cool to have some tips on how to behave with them. For example: will they start attacking me at a certain point? Which technologies do they prefer? etc.
Thank you in advance!


We have not, but probably should do a better job of aggregating information about the AI. @BelSon started a documentation project, and it is a work in progress.

In NP, the current AI behaviors were mostly designed around the time of 2015 MAR, and probably little few changes after that. You can start by reading these forum posts.

Some gamers have contributed efforts towards Jay to improve the AI. Search these threads.

Read through more forum posts to see if there is some more.