AI repeatedly sending one ship fleets to my star



Why is the AI behaving so stupidly? This is a dark galaxy but my star is in scanning range…


How many ships are on the other carriers?


The one that remained behind at Avior? Up to 300 now; there are none directly at the star Avior itself.


I thought that was probably the case.

The AI sets one carrier to pickup all from Avior then attack Formalhaut. However, at some point before the pickup occurs a second carrier picks up the ships. The first carrier already has it’s route set.

Humans do this also, but to a lesser extent. The AI currently has no foresight - which is the main reason it is so bad at the game.

It also processes stuff every 4 turns. If for instance the carrier failed the pickup on the same turn as the AI process happens then the carrier route is changed. If you check the travel time between the stars it will not be a multiple of 4 (should be anyway).