AI response

I’m currently playing my first game, and I’m surrounded by lots of very powerful ai. If I start attacking them, what will their reaction be? Will they ignore it and continue their merry routine of doing nothing at all, or would they suddenly decide to crush me like a ant?

While they will be trading tech, they won’t react if you attack them. You can even attempt to trade with an AI which you are attacking.

Will they trade back? One of them has some pretty advanced tech, how would I go about getting it?

I recall from an earlier post that you have a 80% change the AI trades back, if he has money available. So best to trade with the AI after payments (New galactic cycle) or send the AI money first.

You need to gift a knowledge the AI doesnt have yet and you have a 80% change you get something back. You can’t decide what you get back if the AI has more then one knowledge at a higher level then yours.

Yes, AI does not fight back, however, if they were randomly sending a carrier to a star, then it may look like they are attacking. But, once the star is yours, they will no longer send carriers there. At least until @JayKyburz makes a smarter AI at some point, which will be fun when he does…

Trading with the AI is 80% chance to get a tech back, as @Sjeng said, and production is the best time to trade. Also, the AIs with the most econ probably have the most cash, so may be the best chance.

Quick question on this 80% chance of the AI trading a tech back… if I give them a level 3 tech they don’t yet have, will they give me a level 4 tech in return? I already have all their level 3 techs so if there’s no chance of me getting a level 4 in return I don’t want to waste my precious money!!

Anyone know the answer to this?

I believe it’s all random to which technology you receive, but it’s definitely possible to receive a higher level technology then you send them.

Thanks, just got banking 4 for terra 3 \o/