"AI" section in the in-game manuals/help

Would be really helpful for new players to know how tech trading with AI works. That you can get techs by sending money. And most importantly that if you get ahead in the game all the AI’s will suddenly turn hostile to you (my first possible win is about to go very south because of this hidden mechanic).

Even on this thread it would be nice to know exactly how that mechanic works. Is it going to reset to -1 every day? Because if it does I just wasted $300 :frowning:

Perhaps it should just tick down by 2 per day if > 2 else 1 per day to a resting place of -1 for the strongest player. At least that way a +8 relationship wont become -1 overnight.

It should also send an in-game message letting players know why this is happening.

In 2015 MAR, @JayKyburz changed the combat algorithm, especially where it concerns Formal Alliances.

In the months afterwards, Jay implemented the current AI behaviors into what is playing now. I searched and found what I think is the first mention of this new AI mechanics.

The help files are not yet updated with this information, so you should search this forum for variations of words “regard” or “trade” or “ai”. You do not need to go back more than 2015 March.

If you are 1st place on the Leaderboard, all AI will regard you negatively, so save your money. Some players try to avoid 1st place on the Leaderboard, until they are strongly prepared for the consequences.

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Here is another post from Jay about the new AI mechanic.

There probably was more code changes after this time. There were a lot of issues that needed to be taken into account, and also time spent testing, and feedback from players, and more changes, bug fixes, etc. . .

Thanks very much for that. It’s a great summary of all the AI info and will be a go to resource for new players who just got blindsided by 3 otherwise friendly AI :wink:

And when they’re just getting excited about what looks like their first win too :frowning:

It would still be great to see some sort of warning (an event/alert seems easiest) in-game.

Game could just keep track of the leading player and send the alert when it changes to prevent the leading player getting spammed each cycle.

Also just some hints with trading with AI:

  • If you can it’s always cheaper to send them tech then cash to improve regard, be aware AI will usually trade with other AI so plan accordingly.
  • If you are at 0 regard or higher and you send them a tech they should send one back (unless it spent all it’s income)
  • Trade with AI right after a cycle to ensure it has the money to send you the tech in return.