Ai Seeing future way points


What happened was i was forging a bunch of fleets to hit a few planets at the same time but they were a combo of one star and 3 star jumps all with large delays but the second i gave the orders the AI moved ships from all over the place to those stars without any of the fleets even having begun jumping to any of his stars.

Saddly didn’t take a screenshot and just wanted to let you gusy know. Not sure if a bug or follow up waypoints are visible.


That is an interesting point. There have been allegations of AI cheating previously, for example, making jumps that extend their hyperspace range and in turn based games, they react within the 8 hr jumps.
However the AI do understand that some stars have higher values than others, and they will redistribute ships accordingly. If you move ships between your stars, they will often move their fleets too, to react to the change. Were the fleets in question within the AI scanning range?


In turn based games, AFAIK they play every 4 hours not every 8 hours.


That’s what I’d initially thought, but in my latest game, I’ve had them reacting to my actions in less than 4 hr intervals. I’d been trying to take advantage of that, but they’d still react, and their carriers would be 3 hrs away from the stars they left, and mine would be 4.


It should be possible to devise a test case for this situation using private games with forced AI players. If this is algorithmic ‘cheating’ behavior, it should be reproducible unless there is some randomness to AI decision-making.


The AI definitely does not look at your future waypoints.

edit: it will look at where a carrier is headed, its first waypoint, but not all waypoints

There are a few bugs around because the AI doesn’t know about the non default settings. One bug is that AI can jump to a star in a Dark Galaxy if they have the jump range but not the scanning for example.

And yep, the AI knows nothing of turn based games so it will go ahead and play the games as if it was real-time, it’s not restricted to only seeing the galaxy between turns.

When moving ships around its own galaxy, the AI tries to work out which of its stars needs more ships by looking at how many ships are on enemy nearby stars.


AI shouldn’t be able to jump to a star they can’t see or don’t have range to get to.

However, I don’t have an issue with the AI doing intra-turn moves … they get beat up pretty bad as it is, so might as well give them a little help.


I have similar observations about AI seeing more than it should.
In my current game, AI player clearly moved some ships to defend one of the stars I am attacking. But he can’t see my fleet yet. Moreover, he sees my other attacking fleet, but he isn’t defending that other star. I made a screenshot so you can see what I am talking about.


Thanks for the heads up