AI seem a little... cheaty


I’ve been fighting several AI at once for a while now, and while they technically don’t fight back they seem to be working together to turn themselves into a brick wall.

Even if I focus on smaller AI empires with far less science, economy, and industry than me it seems like they are always 2x or even 3x my technology level, and its extremely hard to fight them when they have as much production as me and 3x my weapons tech. Do all AIs share technology between themselves?


They should trade within scanning range as normal players. You should have totally seen the AI back in 64p games, when the scanned trade restriction didn’t exist. One word: wow.


It can’t be too much worse than these guys, me vrs 7 ai. They have every tech up to a minimum of 60, weapons is at 70-90 for most of them vrs most of my techs being 15-20 and my highest tech, weapons, at 31. They seems to focus on researching whatever I research so trying to catch up is useless and counterintuitive.

I’ve been fighting them for the better part of a year now.


uh :open_mouth:


Maybe, a player that survives alone in a galaxy (previously inhabited) for X time could get a Victory point or somekind of reward… or maybe the victory condition could be reduced…
I think one of the must interesting elements of this game is the interaction with other users… When a galaxy is clearly owned by a single player, and there are only AI’s left… there should be a way for the player to reach victory without the tedious -or even hard- work of actually meeting the required star number.


Maybe, but it should be optional.


I think that is something you should talk to Jay about. He can give you a victory or maybe reduce the AI techs so you can win. If you have played a year and still can’t win, I think you have earned the victory. When you play another game make sure the trade scanned option is on. You shouldn’t have this problem anymore.


If you are the last player, you should be granted a victory automatically.

post a link to the game


Yes check the Leaderboard at the bottom. It should have an option to Accept Victory.


Actually, I am winning, it’s just slow. At first I was using a flawed strategy, but now that I’ve figured it out I nearly have enough stars to out-research them, and I’m getting more every day.


Still, post the link please. I would like to look :stuck_out_tongue:


Is this:
The right link?


A few weeks ago I promised some more work on the AI, and I did get started, but wasn’t happy enough with what I had to make the features live.

The AI now know who it likes and who it hates. If you are attacking it, there is now no chance it will trade tech back to you. If you are in good favor with the AI it will almost always trade back.

I have a function that will try and identify a player who is attacking the player who is attacking the AI, and it will preemptively send a trade.


Hi Jay,

It took me a long and challenging time vs 7 AI to finally win

I got very few trading windows in between until I KO’d 2 of the AI players. After I KO’d the 3rd AI player, the trading windows became much easier to reach, by which time I was already 5 levels ahead on my weapons sprint, and the galaxy was well in my control. But I do recall that that the AI’s I recently attacked would not trade back even if I gave them enough credits to do so.

Imagine 31 AI’s trading tech, I think you basically have to develop your all your own techs with no AI trading window ever appearing. Or give up some weapons tech from your sprint (a huge sacrifice).

At the time , my brother observed those particular AI’s must have been holding a trading grudge against me. Now I know why.

Just for future use:

Please advise how long (how many ticks) from the last attack, that the AI trading grudge against me would last.

If it lasts forever, then I would suggest you reset the trading grudge to just 3 or 4 pay cycles from the last attack.



Hi Buggy,

I managed to outtech 7 AI’s in a recent turn based game.
Here was my plan:
1 Research only Experimentation to reach a 3-4 level advantage vs AI,
2 Build fleets and attack to knock down top 2 AI leaders in terms of Stars and Sci.
3 Take advantage of Experimentation bonuses to develop some tech that the AI;'s mostly lack, that I find allowable to trade (Hyperspace Range, Scanning or Banking)
4 Trade those techs with as many of the AI players as you can during your turn jump window.
5 KO one , and then another of the AI players to reduce the AI tech trading.
6 Weapons sprint as you KO the 3rd AI for your win.


I’ve created an internal “like” meter. When you attack the AI it goes down, when you give them stuff it goes up.

At the moment I think you just need to send them a few techs to get back in the good books.

One of the next steps for the AI work is to divide all existing AI’s into 2 teams that hate each other. Both teams will try and convince the real players to join it’s team.