AI Suicide Attacks?


So I’m playing a 64 player game. It’s early on, and the first wave of AFKs just hit a cycle ago. I’m nominally in “first”, so was anticipating that the AI would be dropping to negatives in relations, and put a border guard on the lifeless (1 resource) rock between us. They moved over a similar sized force to their closest planet, which was smart, and I figured that would be that for the foreseeable future. However, after sitting for a bit, they just launched a suicide attack against my outpost. They have no way to win it, having sent a similarly sized force (~85 v ~75), while I have both Weapons tech AND Defender’s bonus advantage. Maybe they’ll tech into Weapons before they arrive, but even so it’s going to be a blood bath. The game is super early, and they’re surrounded by an almost equally large empire on their other side… so what’s the justification for throwing themselves mindlessly against my bulwarks? It’s only going to open them up for the guy on the other side to carve them to pieces.


. . . you say ? hmmm . . .

What if you carve up that AI first ?