Ai tech domination


I’m a fairly new player, and so far I’ve lost two games where I’ve had a massive leas from the start becauss the ai’s banded together out researched me, and shared with the other players, who then took me out. I understand that the way to go is to up your standing with one ai and send money or tech and get something back.

I tried this in my last game, where I sent 45$ to sn ai +1 to me and got weapons level 4, tried again with another 45, but got nothing, tried 60, got nothing. Then two days later he was -1 to me.

My question is, what are the rules governing trade with ai? I can’t find info anywhere.


You should make sure that the AI has the tech to send back to you, and make sure you send enough cash for them to make the return payment. If they can’t afford to send anything back they won’t. (They are not smart enough yet to remember that they own you something. )

You have to be in positive regard, otherwise sending them money and tech only improves your regard.

I believe when you are in the lead you automatically lose regard.