AI Too Chill

Anyone notice that the AI is much less aggressive than before? In most games it now just sits and does nothing or moves a few ships around. I miss the ultra agressive ai.

Apparently tricking the AI into fighting people was frowned upon, so it’s less aggressive now.
I have noticed I can leave a star practically defenseless and the AI will have a star nearby with a large fleet and it’ll just ignore me.
This has only happened in custom games, not sure if the rules are different for AI there, but it does seem a bit more aggressive in Proteus with its negative count going so low.

Kind of sad cause now 30% of players leave and then the big alliance wins. Before you could try to get the ai to hit them with you and have a chance

Yeah honestly, i have had quite a few game where less then 24hr in 5+ people quit.

Its crappy as half the game is diplomacy and planning which you cant do any of with AI’s

And the AI are not very challenging at all. I literally am following one around capturing stars right after it does with a larger fleet and it just keep doing the same thing.

Yeah, the AI is not really supposed to be an opponent you would want to play against. Its kind of just supposed to spend it money and grow.

One day I will put some more work into it, but I kind of need to move it off Google app engine and onto its own server. Actually my preference would be to push the work out to peoples browsers to process.

Yeah from a stand point of running the game i dont think adding server load is the best way unless you can figure out another way to generate revenue.

As far as people browsers that seams like a win win but i dont know how most peoples computer would fair with that extra load.

Jay, is there private data that the player should not have access to ?

I would advise against letting everyones browsers do anything more than display what it needs to. Best to keep everything server-side, though I get the cost issue.

I was thinking I might try having players process turns for games that the were not in. I would also have to have the AI turn processed by two or more players and make sure that the orders agree to ensure that the AI had not ben tampered with.

Edit: But there are a lot of problems with this which is why I have never done it.

Edit 2: But It would still be nice to make the AI so that it can be played in the browser so that one day there could be a single player version of the game that can be played off line.


Can we go back to super agressive ais? I hated the tech sharing but the rest was fun.

One day I would love to code a solution where the AI each have personality,

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that’d be pretty great

Based on their color lol?

And their shape ha

maybe once two a.i are boardered make them tougher. if third one boarders make it tougher again. but then stop.

just saying things out loud. in a 64player game anyways. i am playing one whole east quadrant went afk over first few days. players gettings stars without a fight now.

x3 toughness max would satisfy though who want it tougher and those who are happy as is.

yeah, I’ve noticed in 64 player games the ones who do better generally have a lot of AI around them