All the Orcs. ever


Another game on nightmare: this one is Barren Plateau

pw: stormcrow

Be willing to win and ready to lose. Luckily no Queen of lies off the bat!


Hoo boy!

If this hasn’t started yet when my other games get a little more manageable, I’ll definitely jump in. Otherwise good luck!


Still 4 open slots! Come one come all… errr come 4?


Oh here it is. I’ll join this one as soon as one of my other games wraps up. Should be in the next day or so.


I joined this too. I haven’t played it since I added the zombie dragons, so it’s only fair :smile:


Down to 2 slots! Ask your friends.


Getting on a plane tomorrow, so I’m not joining until after that. First few hours are going to be pretty important, timing-wise.