Alliance Victories

I would like to see up two or three mutually allied players be able to “share” a victory.

As it stands, if an alliance is very tight, the game functionally ends the game when the alliance has got 51%, but the other player/players have to endure mopping up just so one player gets to the victory threshold.

There are multiple ways shared victory could be done, but it would have to be voluntary (i.e. no accidental shared victory when you wanted it all) and limited (maybe 2 victors on 6+ game, 3 on 10+).

Personally, I’d say no-one gets a “victory”, but they share the rank for first and second or first through third.

Mostly I’d like this to prevent the long inevitable squshing of the last few smaller players. It’s not much fun for them when they’re already in the minority, so they really have no chance. (And I figure if the allies are willing to accept no-one getting the victory, then that pretty much means they’re committed enough to have next to no chance of the alliance falling apart (which is the only reason to force the end-game to be prolonged.)

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This has been suggested/requested specifically for Team style games with formal alliances. In a team game, they probably should all get a victory point and share the rank points.

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Good points that team members should all get victory and rank points.

yeah, I like the idea that the points should be shared.

When we implement the team games, Id like to have an interface that will allow players to create a team on the fly for these kinds of situations.

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Do you have a ballpark ETA when you might be able to implement some of the team suggestions Jay?

I think Brian is ready to fire up his team game pretty soon here - be nice to have some of those suggestions in place to facilitate it … and also learn how well it works to provide feedback for 'ya.

I’ll add that Brian and I are also in this current team game … and while we are on opposite sides, we seem to have strong agreement on what changes to the game should be done to improve team play.