Allied fleets at Stars

This is the solution I came up with when there are allied players at a star defending. A smaller shape to the left.

If there are more than one ally, they will stack up.

This feature should be rolling out in new games on Monday morning. Unless I find any outstanding bugs.

Who is up for a game with formal alliances enabled to test this out?


That looks fun !

How many of those can it show ?
What if there were 3 or 4 empires in a Formal Alliance ? 7 ? 8 ? 9 ? 11 ? or crazy 63 ?

How about a team game?

Maybe 3v3 using a mirrored map
Or even 4v4 if you really want to test things.

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I dont have a limit yet. There will just be a very long line of symbols if you have 62 allies protecting you from the one other player who is not an ally.

Thanks Ross. I will start pimping the game.