Allied request message tab

One tab named Requests besides Diplomacy and Events.

Allieds use Diplomacy tab normally for negotiation, but when they decide, they use Request tabs to ask for techs and or money.

If a request is fulfilled, they receive a mark. That way you will not forget anything. Have to be a way to cancel a request (allieds changed his minds) and could be useful some form of formal trade. Only if all players agree, both requests should be fulfilled. Should be a form to choose in formal trades tech and money exchange.

Is it too complex and do not attend the guidelines of Neptune’s Pride?

I think there should be some sort of trade option. Whenever I trade techs I am always cautious on whether I get what I asked for in return. If I give someone a tech after they agreed to trade a tech I want what I asked for. I don’t want to spend money to send a tech and get nothing in return if they don’t fulfill their end of the deal. Tech trades should still cost the same and the money is withheld for a certain amount of time. If a player denies a trade, you get your money back and you don’t send them a tech. The same should go if someone wants to buy a tech from you. They send a request and the money is withheld until you accept or deny giving them a tech. Gifting techs or money doesn’t need approval.

I haven’t had any issues with this yet but I can see how a player would use it to their advantage to take a tech then turn on you because they have the advantage instead of trading the tech that was agreed on by both people. When you spend $200+ for a high level tech and get nothing in return, it can change the course of the game in their favor.

A gift tech, gift money, trade tech, and request tech should be an option for players in the game somewhere. I think a trade page would make more sense than having it all take place on their home page. They decide who to send a tech to and what they want in return. Any completed techs can be on this page at the bottom instead of under events.

I disagree. Having to trust the other player to fulfill their part of the deal is a great part of the fun, at least for me. And having the possibility to deceive someone like this is also a very important decision.

Also, there are a vast number of different kind of deals that can be made, involving techs or not, I don’t see the point in making some of them “secure” while others remains “insecure”.

For me, this game is all about “how much can you trust your enemy?” and “when and how should you betray your ally?” Anything that diminishes this, diminishes the game itself. Okay, this could be an option, but I would put in the lowest priority.

I wanna just a way to remind myself of deals I have made. If I have to read all last messages again, after 12h of my last session, I could forget something. These things occur sometimes when I have made a deal to fulfill after production.

One very simple way to implement that will be a marker on the message. If you read a message with a request, you need only to click on a button to mark that message to be reread later.

An option to see only marked messages would be good too.

Yes. I would like that.

An upgrade to that will be a form to mark a message as Request or Strategy, with some form of sorting.

I think a tab under events that separates trades, strategy, upgrades, and economy would be good. Players would see all of the events first and have the option of switching to another tab to see events of a certain category.

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I would like that. In 64 player games my message screen turns into a mess :wink:

Yes, it would be really great to have more control over your inbox, perhaps something with more of an ‘outlook’ or ‘gmail’ feel to it.

The functions of saving conversations as favorites, tagging conversations for easy reference later, and combining conversations (eg. if I open a new convo with a player when I already had one going, why does it make a separate message? it should just tack it on to the end of the old one, like the iphone does) are all necessary, especially in the 64 player games.

Additionally, it would be nice to see the player’s stats next to the message that you are writing, just for easy reference (for trading, etc).

My two cents.

What I miss the most is a button on the empire screen to see only the messages involving that player.