Allied star drop ships bug/exploit


I have accidentally discovered this bug when I ordered my carrier to drop ships on star of my (former) ally. Former ally give up and AI immidietly declare war to me. So I started preparing for start of war and send a carrier to one, soon to be enemy, star but mistakenly set action to drop all ships on arrival. What was my surprise, that on arrival I got all stationed ships in my carrier. Nice for me but seems more like exploitable bug.


Strange one, thanks @Pichi

I will have a look at the code and see if I can work out what is going on early this week.



I was trying to reproduce it with stars of my current allies, but it did not work. So it was maybe some heisenbug. But what I can recall, there was soon to be an enemy star with like 40 ships without carrier and I sent one my carrier with like 50 ships and second one with like 200 which should arrive latterly and continue further but still before end of quarantine. AI sent some carrier with like 60 ships but with a late arrival (after alliance expiration, it was a reason why I sent the second carrier). I have mistakenly set dropping of ships and immediate return for the first carrier. Just like drop the ship there and join into the second carrier but forgot it is not my star. In the tick when my first carrier arrived and was prepared to return I realised my mistake but what a surprise, in the carrier was like 90 ships and 1 ship on the star (probably production of last tick). It is all that I can recall. You know, I was not making notes.
I wish you luck with this bug


Yeah, I looked into it but couldn’t find anything.

Thanks very much for looking into it for me. I really appreciate the time you put in trying to repro it.