Allow setting waypoints before the "looping"



There are times when I want a carrier to do some actions and then enter a “looping program”. Right now, we have to wait for the actions to complete to be able to set the loop. This is awkward sometimes.

A suggestion to fix this is: when the player clicks on “Enable Looping” he is asked to click on the waypoint (in the waypoint list) he wants to be the first of the loop.

This would make much easier, for example, to sincronize the beginning of the loop with the arrival of another carrier.


When this happens to me I just set a few extra waypoints between the two stars I want to loop around.


eDave, this case is ok if you want to sincronize the loop itself (but instead of adding waypoints you can just set a delay), but what about sincronizing the moment the loop starts? Or, even if you don’t need to sincronize, you know you want a loop but the carrier is not on the loop’s path yet?