Am I alone in my game?

Forgive me for answering a question that may be answered out there, but I’m new to Blight and not sure of the protocol.

I’m in a 4 player mp game that started almost 8 hours ago. There hasn’t been any communication from any of the other 3 players, and none of them have made any moves yet. It’s a big map, and I’m worried about having to try to tackle this solo if none of them actually show up.

What’s the protocol here? Am I being too impatient for nearly 8 hours for the first move? I suppose all 3 of the other players could be on the other side of the world and sleeping, but the odds seem low of that to me.

Give it 24 hours, if none of them reply or make a move then it’s best to leave the game. Trust me, tackling a big map like that is not worth the stress you get with it.

Thanks @Gorvar - a wise old man once told me it’s dangerous to go alone.

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Take this.


(Just to make sure, the game has started already, hasn’t it?)

As long as their units are moving it should be fine. Some people just dont check the chat or respond in it.

Yes. The game started. We’re now a couple hours into Day 2. One guy responded a couple hours ago and her is now moving (a day late, but moving). The other two guys have not moved nor acknowledged that they are there.