An exciting new feature for you to test!

I just uploaded a new build to the server with an exciting new feature.

This new feature will reward thinking ahead and forward planning.
It will make it more difficult to simply respond to zombie threats at the last minute.

You can enable the new feature by enabling “Experimental” difficulty in both SP and MP.

When playing Experimental difficulty you will only be able to play one Hero Card at a settlement or banner every 6 hours.

A small blue dot will be added to the left of settlements that you cannot deploy to.

I dont really have any idea how much more difficult the game will be under this new rule, I plan to spend the rest of the afternoon playing some single player to see how games are effected.

All other games should be unaffected, but please let me know if you see anything strange going on.

I would love you to play a few games and share your thoughts!


How much time do the zoms get in an Experimental start? Is it like ‘normal’ with the additional handicap of the limited hero play?

Could this instead be a toggle that is added on to an exisiting difficulty? So, play Hard w/ the Limited Hero Option for further customization?

It is just Normal, with the additional restriction. We are planning to add some options to the Admin soon and this will be one. It’s just a quick fix to get it up and tested at the moment.

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Haha. I see you learned your lesson from the discussion thread on how to pitch this idea. :smile:

I like it as extra admin option; I support that and would want to keep that (as opposed to not having the mechanic at all). I still don’t want to see it become standard, but an option is good.