Another game crash?


We think our game has crashed. Everyone seems to be getting a black screen when trying to load it.

The game URL is

Can we have it looked at please? :slight_smile:


Good find guys, a small hiccup because the hydra zombie has no targets to attack. Cant leave the water.

You still have to go in there and get it though :smile:

Should be fixed momentarily.


And we even joked that it was the fault of the hydra.

Oh well, at least it can’t quite reach my towns :D.


A little bit of documentation on the Hydra would have been nice. We had no idea how to use it or how to train new ones/respawn them. In the end we assumed that there was only 1 and it died so we abandoned the hydra pool :frowning:


Sorry, I just haven’t decided how it should work. If you had a Hydra card in your collection you would be able to deploy it and play another one, but I was thinking perhaps you might be able to recruit one line normal armies.

I also have some art for a character that might be able to cast a spell to summon one.

I also have art for a hydra rider!