Any competitions or TB games going at present?

Hi you all. I’m hoping to get once again into NP. Any competitions or TB games going or destined to-be going? I made a custom game assuming that anybody is down.

Is that Q series still around?

@Trucriot is running two 1v1 TB competitions atm, one is an ongoing, one round every two months Legendary Level League, and the other is a quick Swiss Tournament style competition. Each of these run approximately every two months, so there should be a new one opening soon.

I’ll also be setting up some experimental 2v2 competitive games soon, so stay tuned for that!

As for custom games, your best bet is to make your own and post it here or on discord. And keep an eye out for when anyone else does the same.

Thanks @BelSon! Small correction, a new Flying Swiss will probably only start every four months - don’t want it to become overbearing for people given the fast and intense format. But maybe @HULK will run another 1v1 tournament this April? Or maybe your 2v2s can fill the void :wink: