Any master strategists out there?


Hey NP2 Community!
how you doin’?

People on the internet are usually damn smart, so I am going to ask you guys for help.
Been playing a game for 58 cycles, turnbased.
Name of the game is Kappa Cursa Turnbased.

I have been the only player for maybe 20 cycles.

I have been surviving through constant ship movements, but AI have an ability to stay 10 levels ahead of me.
I also have been surviving through protection money to a certain friend who is on top of me.

I have been making incremental movements towards a weak AI next to me, but I still am at least 4 weapon levels behind him.

I think I will eventually lose, but I am wondering if anyone could give me a killer strategy to pull this one my way :).


Here is an overall. I am Purple / HiveMind.

Here is a zoomin of what I am dealing with.


Update, now on Cycle 72.
Aiming to get rid of Red.


Update, now 126
I am still behind even though I managed to collect all the tech :smile)


Ended the game, won 4 rank :).


Good one :slight_smile:


I mean, I could have ended it earlier, just wanted to see if I could have pulled it off.
I would give tech to one AI, and the rest would get it within a cycle.
Hopeless, I think there should be a function if you are placing, to accept the win, maybe 1st only.
B/c I find it way harder to fight AI than players.


Just generic advice:

One useful tactic against AI is abandoning stars in the early game. Abandon star, AI jumps to it, you get there first with defence bonus. It’s even possible to do this without losing income if you time it correctly. Late game this tactic doesn’t work so well because the defence bonus is less important.

Remember that you can get all techs at-cost from friendly AI. Just keep at least one AI friendly and never trade tech to the AIs.


That was helpful. Until now I was trading tech to AI, and paying huge amount of money (like, pay 110$ to better relation etc)
Game will be much better now.