Any plans someday in the future for

Hydra/Ent/Spider bosses and etc?

Since they are really strong and later in game can prove a challenge :3

Check out the Boss Immortal Powers thread. There’s some crazy boss concoctions that people have been cooking up.

Monster Boss ideas in that thread start around here.

But i am not asking for ideas ^^ I am asking if there are plans for adding them someday in the future :stuck_out_tongue: MAybe this year, maybe next year, but at some point in the future ^^

Then I’ll point you to a reply later in the same thread, in which one of the developers says basically “yes”.

Going along the idea of “Somewhere in the future”, wouldn’t a map editor be awesome. Custom scenarios that people can think up and submit to the devs/ the general public to play and rate.

I think back on scenario editors for Heroes of Might and Magic 3 or Age of Kings. Choosing a map size, laying out different tile types, towns, ect. Being able to custom name towns.

Maybe include it as a feature for premium players or something. Admittedly, I am not sure if map construction works like a drag and drop (and I’m sure it would be some work to get that into a user friendly interface), but my mind is teeming at the possibilities. Think middle earth maps, or continental earth maps

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I’ve definitely had this thought. But I submit soooo many ideas I bit my tongue on this one.

Maps MIGHT have to be subject to approval or something to prevent people from making maps specifically to farm coins… or perhaps maps could be played without winning coins until they were approved.

I’d rather see this than random maps.

Maybe the dev team would need people to test such features (cough cough) :wink:

It could also just be custom maps don’t earn coins, but still have the opportunity to find volunteers. Im sure a system could be worked out that is fair.

Yes, Penny and I would absolutely love to do the monster bosses. I’d like each one to have some custom art for thier cards, so I just need to make sure the game is going to make some money before we spend more for more art.

I would love to make the editor public at some stage, It is written as a web app the same as the game, and I was planning on releasing it, but as the game got further and further behind I decided to stop trying to make it presentable and just get it to do what we need to it to to make the game.

There is really only one thing that is stopping me from just unleashing it now, and thats there is a build step where the hex tiles are “baked” into a 1024 texture to reduce the number of draw calls and those textures are moved into the images folder by hand.

For you guys to be able to make a map that others could play, I would need some system of uploading those textures to the database, then the game downloading them from the database rather than as static images on a specific url.