Anyone Interested in a 5v5 or some kind of team battle/competition?

Was thinking about having a 5v5 or some kind of team v team battle.

I have two ideas.

  1. Get a map where there are two starting lines and mirrored sides. Then you can do basically a 1v1 except with 5 on each side. All players have mirrored starting positions and stars, and you just need to join the right side. Trade scanned would be on for this one.

or this

  1. Just make a dark start galaxy with 10 slots. All ten players join into a random slot. Once the game begins, trade scanned is off and you can formally ally with your team and battle it out.

The options would be set similar to the 1v1 tournaments we’ve been doing lately. So that means weps are locked at lvl 3, and exp is locked at 1. Manu doesn’t need to be expensive anymore, and banking doesn’t need to be cheap either.

So currently, I have two questions.

  1. Is it possible to create a map stated in my first idea?
  2. If this were to happen, who would be interested in forming a team and participating?

If it’s turn based, I’m interested.

I quickly set up a 5v5 TB mirrored galaxy with mostly default parameters to see how it could look - link with PW 5v5.

Not sure if 5v5 isn’t shooting a bit high, 3v3 or something like that seems more feasible (keep in mind that more players will also mean the game takes much longer).

I myself don’t have capacity to participate in a team game (2), but willing to set up a mirrored galaxy with defined parameters (1) if enough people express interest.

3v3 with alternate starting positions (mirrored galaxy) works well.

Turn based for any more than just a few players is a nightmare.
You will end up waiting 24 hours or better for every turn. Just make it a slow game - half speed.

TB all the way with me. If you have a set of committed players, there are no issues.
Half speed RT is like watching paint dry…

That’s a mighty big if.

Last few turn based games I was in prior to the tournament was a hell of a lot slower than half speed. Hell even during the tournament I had to wait 24 hours on a bunch of turns.

I guess it’s down to preference…

really don’t like turn based myself, much prefer any form of realtime.

If you don’t care about mirrored btw here is a team map you can generate using this string:

[40, 50],[50,50],[60,50],[70,50],[80,50]]

(The image is 6 star start, 32/player, medium distance)

I’d be up for some version of team 3v3 or 5v5. That roundish map @Trucriot seems a little strange for this type of game. We would want a bit more linear style map with all players closer to the “center line”, wouldn’t we? Kind of like the picture @Kaine submitted.

This was the kind of map I was thinking about. Then when the players all collide, it would collide with everyone. The circular map would make it so that it would have the outer 2 positions collide first causing unfair starts for all the people on the sides.

They both have their advantages. However, for turn based, it is annoying when one person forgets to submit their move and everyone has to wait. That’s why I would suggest that each team makes a discord, or a text group chat so that they can be notified that they need to submit their move. And sure, 3v3’s are good too.

The mirrored option is only available for circular galaxies with random scatter. I suppose @Karmadrome’s proposition of alternate starting positions would make for intense play right from the start, but halfing the map is also an option with people in the backpocket, whichever you prefer. Each player would have access to a similar number of stars compared to the linear map.

Seems like there’s a clear split in preference between RT and TB which will make it more difficult to get enough players for a game.

I’d be interested in joining if it’s turn based. We could set it to 18 hour turns instead of 24 to speed things up, and hopefully if we’re picking players from the forums we’d all submit pretty regularly. That map @Kaine posted looks fun.

I’m all for more terrain to make things interesting. Wouldn’t mind if it isn’t mirrored. @Trucriot’s map might be fun with teams of 2.

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If you are able to plot custom circular HW positions using decimals up to 4 places, then you could custom add 6 more HW in an inner circle and force start the game with those as AI, while the outer 10 HW are alternately team A - team B - team A - team B - team A - team B - team A - team B - team A - team B. This could provide some assurance that there might not be excessively wide HR gaps through the center of the galaxy.


I interpreted Jay’s instructions as custom maps generally being unavailable for mirrored mode. Maybe @HULK knows more.

3v3 tournament would be great, I’m down.

I’m down for anything that’s TB :wink:

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I’m in for a team game, much prefer turn based.

The 6 player mirrored galaxy is very challenging when the teams alternate the slots. When the teams are side by side I think it is less interesting, although the 5x5 hex north v south from above looked interesting.

I recently played in a 15 players dark circular very large random galaxy, where range, scan and starting cash where set so low that all techs needed to be researched in order to survive. So you needed a five man team. In this setup some teammates end up being neighbors, some do not. Also very challenging.

I’d like to join in if its turned based