Anyone Interested in a 5v5 or some kind of team battle/competition?

Alright so far we have 9 players who have expressed interest in this.


  1. @BOsshOgg
  2. @panblanco
  3. @Solfyre
  4. @wfmcgillicuddy
  5. @TheLastHero
  6. @Ramjet
  7. @Karmadrome
  8. @bythejatz
  9. @Kaine

Maybe just leave it open for people to organize and submit teams of 3

I’d be up for a 3 vs 3 team fight, with @TheLastHero and @Ramjet as team mates :wink:

If you got 4 teams of 3 you could run it as either a round robin (everyone fights everyone once, 6 fights total) or an elimination with a play offs (4 fights total)

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no thanks

I’m up for something like this or whatever. I’d choose @Karmadrome and @panblanco for my team if 3v3’s is what we’re doing. What do you think guys? :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I’d be up for that @Solfyre

I’d be up for a team with @TheLastHero and @wfmcgillicuddy

I was hoping :slight_smile:

Sounds like we’ve got the teams! Now we just need the maps!

Looks like I’m in team “No friends”

@BOsshOgg I’m sorry bro I’d already agreed to Roger and Kaine yesterday morning. But if there’s a round 2 of this thing then let’s team up!

I’m in a game with @wfmcgillicuddy, I’ll see if he’s still interested in joining a team here.

So we need to get 12 people to have 4 teams of 3? I’ll see if I can rope in a few others. I bet if we make this turn based then @HULK might want to join :wink:

Er, I think @bythejatz was looking for a team…

I think @bythejatz @wfmcgillicuddy and @BOsshOgg would make a solid team. Or we can wait to find 3 more people, and create two teams out of the pool of 6.

Edit: I think this is current

Team 1:

Team 2

Team 3
@bythejatz (? or team 4 if he prefers)

Team 4

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I’m currently in a 1v1 with Hulk, I’ll see if I can get him to join. But we would need 2 more people if that happens. I’ll see if I can get Ungoliant too.

Sounds good to me

Just know that anyone that teams up with me will be wearing the champions hat at the end of this :slight_smile:

Oh and happy to be in Team 3 as listed above

Sounds fun :slight_smile: glad I get two of the best turn based players I’ve ever seen to carry me on their shoulders!

Kind words. Unfortunately it looks like we’ll also be playing against some excellent TB players… :wink:

Yeah… it does look that way… but dont tell anyone!