April/2020 1v1 EPIC Tournament with Mirrored Maps

I’ll also join the next tourney! Ping me if I miss the post please!

…and against all the odds @Karmadrome takes the lead :rofl:

Seriously though, @MalcolmReynolds has played a great game and I have the cuts and bruises to show.
I’m still just about hanging on, but don’t expect that lead to last very long.

How do you make those mirrored maps?

@Golden_Ace - you have to ask Jay to enable your account to create Mirrored Maps.

Your prediction was accurate @Karmadrome as I just checked and @MalcolmReynolds is now up 87-80 in stars at tick #336 … sounds like he is starting to put the HULK SMASH on 'ya! :wink:

Indeed, the steamroller action vs. @Karmadrome has begun. I hope he enjoyed his last taste of being “in the lead”. :smiley:

I’ve conceded. Good game, but @MalcolmReynolds had the better of it for most of the game and I just couldn’t turn it around. Well played @MalcolmReynolds.
Good luck to the final 3 players!

It was a tough game, from start to finish. Cheers, @Karmadrome! Looks like the next game hasn’t been created yet, so action’s to you, @HULK.

Sounds like a bruiser of a game … congrats @MalcolmReynolds against a very tough opponent - @Karmadrome has won the 1v1 tournaments before.

I’ve updated the first post and sent a PM to @MalcolmReynolds and @nick.muzzio with two choices to choose from for their game.

@MalcolmReynolds and @nick.muzzio choose this game - that’s quite an EPIC map! :wink:

BTW, while I’ve been waiting, I played a 1v1 versus Solfyre (no forum name of the same?) and he promptly kicked my big fat hairy green a** - D’OH! :wink:

He had a good suggestion that maybe if Banking was Cheap, this would balance that tech more and provide yet another “interesting” option for players to consider - seems like a good idea. Any thoughts/comments?

I like the idea, anything that makes it hard to decide what to research is always a good idea to me. analysis paralysis ftw!

@Solfyre? I think this is him lol.

I like the idea of cheap banking, could make things interesting with more viable options at the start.

EDIT: Ok he joined 5 hours ago, that explains it

@Solfyre! My man! Lol, he’s definitely one of the coolest dudes I’ve ever played with. Nice to see someone has what it takes to knock the @HULK down every once in a while!

And I agree on making bank more valuable.

Thanks guys! And especially @panblanco , those are some very nice words. I very much appreciate playing with you too! And yes, I wasn’t on the forum officially until just now. Better late than never.

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Pretty sure I didn’t “bump” into @Solfyre until earlier this year, but yea … fearsome friend … and even more fearsome foe.

He won the most recent Last Hero game (I was on the other side) and did a serious “SMASH the HULK” in a 1v1 game. Hoping he’ll consider playing in our next tournament as he’s a worthy opponent.

Speaking of which, this 1v1 tournament (started in April - LOL!) is almost done as there is just three players left. Should we start up another one … and yea, I really like @Solfyre’s idea of making Banking cheap so I’ll propose that modification to the parameters.

I’ve congratulated @Solfyre in game already, but again … well played @Solfyre! You will definitely have to enter the next 1v1 tourney.

Re: Banking - I don’t think it’ll do any harm, but equally I’m not sure it’ll make a huge difference.

Re: next tourney. @HULK it looks like there’s quite a lot of interest at the moment, so maybe worth starting the preparations… getting the forum message up so players can sign up. Then see if you can get 16 names??? :open_mouth:


is it possible to have a tournament with real time this time?

It most likely is but 1v1 turn based tend to go ALOT faster

So @HULK was not angry ? And did not want to fight ? :stuck_out_tongue: hmmmm . . .

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@HULK got me in the second 1v1… Congrats to him. We’ll need to do a 3rd and final game to determine the master. :stuck_out_tongue:

As mentioned, @Solfyre is a fearsome foe … it was real challenging to beat him in our 2nd game.
Since we are tied, we are doing a rubber match … and trying with Cheap Banking to see how that works out.